Studio Policy

Welcome to an exciting journey in music and self-discovery!  Music studies are an investment and the benefits and returns depend on what the student invests.  Committed students and supportive families are crucial in helping students succeed in their musical goals.  The following guidelines have been developed from years of experience, study, and observation in music studies.


Consistent practice is necessary to make progress in any discipline. Sometimes practice is fun and (spoiler alert) sometimes it’s not. But, I can guarantee that students will never know if they like the piano or the music if they don’t put consistent time in practicing. Frustration and discouragement are the result of a lack of digging in and studying any assigned topic when a student has a lesson due date. However, joy and desire grow from the success that comes with consistent, quality time spent with the material and the satisfaction of trying their best.


Every student approaches music with different tastes and preferences. In my studio, the main focus will be on classical repertoire because of the strong foundation it provides in technique and music development. However, as students have the time they may also learn sacred and secular music.


One of the biggest benefits of learning a musical instrument is the opportunity to perform and share the love of music with an audience. Performers get the unique experience of presenting and the audience gets to share in the joy of the music. I provide many performance opportunities, from casual recitals to competitions, so that students can have as many opportunities as possible to be comfortable sharing their music and then to compete as they choose.